What is in an Infant Swing? Understanding how this little device can help caregivers.

What is in an Infant Swing? Understanding how this little device can help caregivers.

Being a parent is hard, let’s face it. The first time you do it, you’re scared and don’t know what you’re doing. The second time, you’re trying to manage everything all while keeping the other sibling happy, who tends to scream, drop loud objects, and whine in the worst quiet moments just after you got the second one gets to sleep. It is exhausting and demanding, but also heart fulfilling with endless happiness. Because it may be hard to manage a small infant, who in his/her own right is only trying to figure out this strange world, tools are essential to help parents. In the new technological world we live in, who doesn’t want something that can make parenting easier and help everyone get through the hardest infant periods. If you’ve been searching for something that could help you, it’s an infant swing.

What is it?

An infant swing is a mechanical device that is used to help calm and soothe your infant. It is a safe place to put your infant when you need a break or a moment to do something else such as laundry, finish dinner, or give your other 2 year old attention. It is especially helpful for colicky babies, which in the first few months of life cry often. In addition, it is a useful tool that parents may use to help their child fall asleep. Afterwards, the parents can place them in their crib or sleep area.

There are so many options

Infant swings come in different sizes, from a small compact swing that can fit easily in a small studio apartment to bigger ones with legs that spread very far apart for larger homes. There have different music, nature sounds, or the soothing mother’s heartbeat for the baby. They come in different more plush material to more waterproof ones. There are ones that do one motion only, or others that can go sideways. These days, you also can find more fancy swings that mimic a “car ride” or “kangaroo” type movements. Generally they are made for babies from 5 to 25 lbs, so it can be used be for a long time. In addition, it comes with a newborn insert right away after birth. There are battery operated only machines versus machines that plug-in or have both options.

New technology coming into swings

Traditional swings are being revamped to models that are fit your baby’s needs better with new technology. For example, there are now swings that also can be removed to be used as just a bouncer, which is wonderful because it eliminates more baby items you have to buy. The Graco DuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer has this option among others. Also, the newer ones now have something called smart technology. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing features SmartSwing Technology, where the swing senses the baby’s weight to maintain it’s wide range of speeds. Therfore it starts without a push and speeds will not slow as baby grows. And the Mamaroo by 4moms has a phone plug in so you can play any type of music for the baby.

Your infant swing needs to be a match with your baby

Babies are all different. I’ve spoken to a lot of parents about this topic and not all babies like certain swings or a swinging at all. Each infant swing is different as are our babies, so you must choose a swing that fits his/her personality. Some infants need a swing that does multiple things and has music and all the fancy features such as the Mamaroo, while others like a more cozy swing that cradles them and swings simply such as the Snugabunny. While others absolutely are not a fan and do not like a swing. For my family, it was an essential feature that helped my colicky son calm down and then smoothed the transition from one to two children. You must choose what will work for your family and your infant. You may buy one and need to return it and try another. Make sure you know the return policy well before purchasing one. You may need to find one that fits your individual infant and his/her personality.

An infant swing can help you manage your life with a new baby

Whether you are a new parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, babysitter, or godparent, an infant swing is a good resource to have. It helps put the child in a safe place, keeps them occupied and calms them down. In addition, it can give the caretaker a small break. With our first child, it helped keep our sanity as we dealt with a very colicky and fussy infant. My husband and I were in survival mode and needed the swing as a resource. Despite diet changes, swaddling, frequent breastfeeding, extra burping, gas drops, and other methods, he sometimes would just not calm down and the infant swing helped us through these difficult periods where we were up half the night soothing him. I don’t know how we would have gotten through everything without it.

With our second son, it helped calm him and was a place to put the baby as our 2 year old was adjusting to the attention shift. Having a place to put the baby while you played blocks with our first child was great because he felt special. Our baby outgrew the small bassinet in the pack and play within the first month and this was a better option for us. It became especially useful during the warm summer months; he could be in the Snugabunny swing outside under the umbrella while my other son was in a small baby pool next to him. We are so grateful that we found swings that suited our family and my hope is that you find one that helps you as well.


For more information regarding all different swings, please look at my individual reviews of swings used with my family.
I will also be posting a buying guide to help others when picking out a swing, whether it’s for your own baby, nephew, grandson, or cousin.


If you have any questions or comments, please leave a post below or email me at info@infantswings.org.


Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “What is in an Infant Swing? Understanding how this little device can help caregivers.

  1. Hello Anna Maria, Having gone through an era as a parent when things like this wern’t available I can see the attraction. My wife and I could have done with this50 years ago, when all we had was the baby bouncer that fitted in the doorframe.
    Thank you for the information and I will certainly let my grandchildren know about it sao they can equip themselves.


    1. Thank you for your comment Derek. I am super glad that technology has come along way to help parents that are struggling. My hope is that tools like this can even help struggling and exhausted parents to have a few moments to themselves. Glad I could help in any way.

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