Mamaroo Infant Swing – Cool Features, Drawbacks, and Health Benefits

Mamaroo Infant Swing – Cool Features, Drawbacks, and Health Benefits

Being a Zumba instructor throughout both my pregnancies, my babies were born to move, especially while asleep. The Mamaroo infant swing by 4 moms is what helped give my husband and I peace. It has many benefits including its speeds, incline, and newborn insert. Unfortunately it is one of the most expensive swings on the market and the motor becomes worn from use and weight. Despite some downfalls of this swing, I would recommend it to others. I am thrilled to share my insights into how this swing aided my husband and I with both my kids.

Cool Features

Electronic. It has all 5 different settings or modes including car ride, rock-a-bye, tree swing, kangaroo and ocean wave.

Speeds. It consists of 5 different speeds from slow to fast.

Sounds. There are different sounds you can choose from including ocean waves, nature sounds, or lullaby music or you can use the plug in feature.

Newborn insert. It has an insert that keeps your infant’s head secure and fits their smaller body better.

  • Can use a small washcloth behind the newborn insert where your infant’s head lies if they prefer one side over another to prevent head flattening.
  • Can tuck a blanket into both sides of the newborn insert to keep your infant covered safely without choking or covering your infants face.
  • Can use from birth till your baby can’t fit in the swing anymore. It added extra neck support and was a safety feature because our baby didn’t have extra room to turn and cover their mouth while breathing.

Safe. The adjustable and sturdy straps go around the back and strap on both sides of the baby’s stomach similar to a stroller strap.

Removable and sturdy material. You can easily unzip the material of the swing and wash it. The newborn insert comes out very easily and can be washed often.

Adjustable incline. Whether you have a child that suffers from reflux like my first son that needs to sit more upright, or you want your baby to lay back more for comfort.

Quiet and sleep. The most important aspect of this swing is that it lulled my baby to sleep instead of me holding him to calm him down after he turned 1 month old. I was scared that if I rocked him to sleep while I was half awake at night, he could fall from my arms. I was comforted with the fact that he could fall asleep in a swing where he could not choke or fall. We then could move him to a flat surface. He was always near myself or my husband when he was in it and I felt that it was the safer option.

How It’s Different From Other Swings

Plugs into wall. It is not battery operated, which is great. I personally don’t have time or want to spend hundreds of dollars on batteries. There are many swings that are or have both options.

Music plug for your iPod or wall. (With the water resistant iPhone 7, you need to use the adapter.)

Rotation of modes mimic all kinds of movement. The car ride feature went up and down and side to side in a figure 8 and helped lull my kids to sleep the best. It’s wonderful that you can move the infant in all sorts of ways based on their preference besides the standard rocking back and forth or side to side.


Price. It’s a very expensive swing at $219.99 at Walmart, Target, and the 4moms site, but you get what you pay for. Recently, I saw it on sale for $199.99 at Amazon here. (updated May, 12, 2018.)

Lightweight. Although for moving and carrying purposes, this may be seen as a positive aspect of the Mamaroo infant swing, but for my chunky babies, it was not. It’s so lightweight that my son at 5 months and 18 lbs would move his whole body to get out of it and I thought it was going to topple over. We stopped using it after he started doing this.

Creaks. When you have more sturdy babies like me, at about 18 lbs. naked weight the swing started to creak/have extra motor noises like he was too fat to be in it. I think we might have had my first son in it till about 25 pounds, which may have weakened the motor for the second baby. (My sons are 2 years apart only)

4moms site recommends “For use from birth until child reaches maximum weight limit of 25 pounds or can sit up unassisted or attempts to climb out, whichever comes first.” But in my case, his naked weight was 18 lbs and that was enough to make the whole thing shake.

Controversial of whether the baby can sleep in it or not. Most pediatricians discourage using your swing for longer periods and especially at night. They are worried the baby can slip down and not get enough oxygen. The Academy of Pediatrics encourages families to not “use a swing more than half an hour twice a day; while it may quiet your baby, it is no substitute for your attention.” According to the new recommendations for 2017, “If your baby falls asleep in a car seat, stroller, swing, infant carrier, or sling, you should move him or her to a firm sleep surface on his or her back as soon as possible.” These are all valid points and are important when buying a swing and your intentions of how you will use it when your baby is born.

Health Benefits To The Whole Family

Ultimately you want the best for your infant, and this Mamaroo infant swing is what helped my family the most out of any infant device. A baby that gets enough sleep is happier and healthier. This swing helped soothe them to sleep. It is not recommended they sleep in a swing and should be placed onto a flat surface on their back. Overall, my children did really well and were happy and smiling babies with this swing. A parent that is well rested and gets breaks also has more patience and energy for their baby. I felt a sense of relief and gratitude that as a mom taking care of my children all day and night by myself, I had the swing to rely on as support. My husband works long hours and wasn’t always there to help. My other family members could only help for brief periods, so the swing became a needed and reliable resource for our family.

Choose To Sleep Over Price

Although the Mamaroo infant swing is not perfect, I recommend it to others. It’s great features include many modes of swinging the baby, speeds, and it plugs into the wall. It also has very sturdy material and straps that keep your infant safe. Unfortunately, this swing comes at a hefty price of over $200 and the motor can get worn down from use and heavy infant weight. It also cannot be used for very strong babies that make the swing shake when they throw their bodies to try to get out. It’s use for babies for sleep is not recommended and they should be taken out once they fall asleep and placed on a flat surface. Despite some of these minor drawbacks, this swing helps promote infant sleep, which leads to a healthier and happier baby. The parent also gets a needed break from the baby. As a family, this swing helped get us through some of the most exhausting and long nights with a gassy, cranky, and fussy infant. Overall, it really is an amazing product.

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