Graco Infant Swing- Is the Lovin Hug a good option?

Graco Infant Swing- Is the Lovin Hug a good option?


When my first son turned 1 month old, he became colicky and fussy and cried all the time. Since we had a swing at home to help soothe him, my mom decided to purchase a swing for her house as well. She was able to get the Graco Lovin’ Hug Open Top Swing in the Abbington style in a gently used child thrift store for $50. This swing is very convenient, easy to use and helps calm the baby down. There are some major negatives as the motor barely functions after three years and it always made a creaking noise with use.

My main goal in writing this honest Graco Infant Swing review is to help people who still find this swing at thrift stores or elsewhere. This style has been discontinued by the manufacturer and recently is not available in stores. In addition, I can help give everyone a general sense of what Graco infant swings have to offer.



Seat: Has a large and comfortable seat that leans back a little in a hammock style and a 4-position incline.
Speeds: Provides 6 speeds for baby.

Sounds: There are 10 classical songs and 5 nature sounds to soothe and amuse baby. The volume can also be adjusted.

Operation: Have option to operate with batteries or use a plug-in to the wall.

  • Infant: Dual system present where the baby gets strapped in a 5 point harness and there is a plastic tray.
  • Structure: The beams are large for support and it is a steady.

Newborn insert: There is a piece that goes underneath baby’s head when they are a newborn that provides extra support and stability of a small infant head.

Weight: Able to use from newborn to 30 lbs.


Big: It is a bigger apparatus that can be harder to move around and bulky.

Plastic safety seat: The plastic tray goes in between the baby’s legs and can be hard to put in place when the baby is moving and already upset that you strapped him in. Also, you can’t use it without the tray down in place. I thought you can leave it up and use the swing that way, but the tray kill keep hitting the metal support beam. Overall, it is a frustrating feature. The Mamaroo or the Fisher Price swing we had didn’t have this, so I never saw the point of having this feature on it. It is meant to be a double safety feature, but I didn’t like it.

Creaks: It has a clicking noise
the motor makes with rocking the baby, especially if it is set at a higher speed.

Motor resets itself. When this swing is set on the
lowest setting, sometimes it stops moving and has to reset itself. It
makes a loud noise that sound like multiple clicking noises for it to
start again. This is the same issue I had with the Fisher Price swing, but this swing would sometimes just stop working all together.
Easily breaks: It starts to break with a heavier child in it. When my first son was small, we borrowed this swing from my parents to use at home because it is more spacious and comfortable for the baby. We used it as an alternative to the Mamaroo swing. It worked for a few months and then have moments where the motor would stop and it wouldn’t swing on its own. Now back at my parents’ house, the motor has never worked again. It lasted about 5 months with my first son and then 3 months with my second son of it actually working properly. My mom now has to manually move it so that my son gets a swinging motion to lull him to sleep. They had for about for 2.5 years. I cannot vouch for how old the product was when they initially bought it, but it is not functioning mechanically now.


Similar to other Graco swings

The most recent and modern Graco infant swings are similar to this one in shape and function, but they really tried to improve on the negative features. The Graco Simple Sway is comparable with the same music and nature sounds, weight capacity, and the infant head support. Unlike the Lovin Hug, it has a smaller base for better travel. They also excluded the plastic tray and it can go in multiple directions. Graco definitely is trying to improve its product to make its customers happy.


Is it a good option?

Overall this swing helped our family in that it was an alternative to the Mamaroo swing. The large seat was good for when my son was older and remained difficult to put to sleep. Unfortunately, it does not work well right now as the motor Stopped functioning and you have to swing the device by hand for it to work. Instead, it has become a sitting area for the baby.
With that being said, if you find this swing for a good price, such as $50, it is worth getting. I would have the store or seller show you the mechanics before purchasing. I asked my mom if that was the case when they bought it 2.5 years ago and it wasn’t. When I went to that same store this year to get my Fisher Price swing for home, the lady plugged the swing in to show me the mechanics. That way with a used product, you can ensure that it was working well.



Other Swing Options

If you’re hoping for a more fancy swing with many options, you can read about my Mamaroo Infant swing review.

The Fisher Price Snugapuppy swing is also a cheaper option with many positives as well.

If you have any questions or comments, please email at or comment below.


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8 thoughts on “Graco Infant Swing- Is the Lovin Hug a good option?

  1. I don’t have a kid yet since I’m definitely not at that point my life yet lol. That said, the information here is really well presented and easy to read. Not only that, but now I know a little bit more for when I do have a kid. I really like the personable approach too, I think that’s a big plus. Overall great job

    1. Thank you for your comment. I really hope to help others and I am super glad that people without children can relate and understand the information presented.
      Best, Anna Maria

  2. We had a nice swing for our first child, but one day we left our dog out thinking he’d be well behaved for our short trip to the market. Unfortunately, it was destroyed and so we’re in the market for a nice swing again. It’s definitely nice to have and gives me time to get things done like cooking. My wife works long hours so I Mr. Mom it and find this type of baby item to be an important piece of my parenting arsenal. Thank you for taking the time to review it for me.

    Does it rotate and/or swing side to side or is it just front to back?

  3. I have this very swing for my little ones. I think every home could benefit from this wonderful tool. This is by no means a babysitter, but when you need to get things done around the house and they need to be save and/or nap for a time, it does the trick. I’ve known many colicky babies to just go right to sleep with this one! Awesome swing in my book!!!

    1. Yes thank you, this is why I’m writing articles like this, to help any parent that went through sleepless days and nights where you just need a safe place to put your baby and help soothe them. Thanks for your comment.

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