Year: 2018

What is in an Infant Swing? Understanding how this little device can help caregivers.

Being a parent is hard, let’s face it. The first time you do it, you’re scared and don’t know what you’re doing. The second time, you’re trying to manage everything all while keeping the other sibling happy, who tends to scream, drop loud objects, and whine in the worst quiet moments just after you got […]

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Recall Multipro Baby Cradle N Swing

Please be aware that there is a recent recall by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for the Multipro Baby Cradle N Swings. The recall was issued January 18th, 2018. Recall Details This recall involves the Multipro Baby Cradle N Swing or Multipro bassinets that have an Indian style baby cradle. There is a plastic frame base that attaches […]

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